Pociatek Pohar - 2005

Pociatek Pohar Tournament 2005

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Pociatek Pohar 2005

With Group I looking the stronger, those in Group II seemed to be quite happy that they had missed out on having to play tournament favourites SEWS and Wilderness in the opening match offs.

Latino Akkies missed their first game as they turned up late, but after that, the group games went smoothly.

This year's tournament high score surprisingly goes to TIP who beat Alcatel 7-0, though Alcatel had the second biggest victory over Latino Akkies which finished 6-0.

Latino Akkies forfeited their quarter final match due to not having enough players because of injuries.

TIP gave SEWS a good hard battle and almost forced the game to penalties but for some good defending and the crossbar ensured SEWS' path to the semis!

BLAkkies had their best tournament yet reaching the semis, but found it too difficult against Wilderness and then were unfortunate in the 3rd place match which newcomers 2 FC Tryskac won.

It was a repeat of last year's final with Wilderness and SEWS taking each other on. SEWS thought they had scored in the first half but had the ball crossed the line? The referee consulted a neutral spectator before making his decision not to award a goal. The second half continued at a frantic pace and as the minutes ticked away, Wilderness piled on the pressure. A thunderbolt of a shot from quite some distance in the last few moments sealed it for Wilderness. The holders had successfully defended their crown and take the cup back home for another year.

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