25th - 26th September 1999


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The Slovpro Super Cup 1999

The 1999 tournament was huge. Slovpro language school sponsored the event and donated a nice trophy, medals and bubbly for the winners. 14 teams were meant to participate in this competition, but one decided not to come and another team decided to leave as they had lost two and knew they could not qualify.

The event took place over two days to make a whole weekend of football fun and so that teams had plenty of rest too. In hindsight, we decided that a two day tournament was too much and not everyone wanted to spend the whole weekend playing football. Another negative point was that the waiting between matches was too long.

On a positive point, having drawn 1-1 in the group stage, To Najlepsie z Liptova and Slovpro Silky Skills decided to play a friendly rematch. Roared on by some fantastic support, a marvellous 30 minute match was played with the team from Litpova winning 10-9.

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