15th - 16th August 1998


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Robby Cup 1998

The first in a series of tournaments organised by Al Robinson was played at the Gymnazium Vazovova in Bratislava. There was only one hall and because of this the tournament was played over two days.

A three-way tie at the end of the competition led to some pleading from Batman's Wings and Yellow Boys as they thought there should be a play-off. Apcon had won all of their games and in the last game, they lost to Yellow Boys putting three teams on 10 points. However, the rules stated that if teams were level after all the games, positions would be determined by goal difference, goals scored and then goals conceded.

2Batman's Wings28919
3Yellow Boys25718

However, after further analysis, results between the top three further justify that the tournament winners had been correctly awarded to Apcon:

Apcon 4 - 2 Batman's Wings | Apcon 1 - 2 Yellow Boys | Batman's Wings 3 - 1 Yellow Boys.

2Batman's Wings550
3Yellow Boys34-1

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