27-28th May 2016

Monkstown Hockey Club Old Boys

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Bratislava 2016

Monkstown Hockey Club Old Boys travelled to the Slovakia capital Bratislava for a 2-match test series against local side KPH Raca. With the average age of the Monkstown boys coming to about 55, the locals were probably just below that despite having the oldest player of 72! The picture below shows Monkstown Hockey Club in Den Bosch in 2010.

Monkstown Vets 2010

1st Leg
Although the first game was played at 6pm, it was still stiflingly hot and pre-match preparations certainly took their toll as the visitors were soon facing a 3-0 disadvantage - one of the goals a cracker converted at the near post. However, captain Sean Byrne gave some encouraging team talks which seemed to revitalise the squad and the travelling Irish soon got back into it with goals from Roddy Allen and Peter Tipping. The side almost drew level through Al Robinson but his goal was disallowed as he struck the ball which was against the pre-agreed rules. KPH Raca should have added a few more but Ciaran O'Connor was in superb form! KPH Raca won 3-2.

2nd Leg
The second match started as the first did with the home side netting early. They added to it soon after and Monkstown were chasing the tie throughout. A penalty save by Johnny Wilson in goal spurred on the visitors and Monkstown added a couple of goals of their own thanks to Aido Brooks and Tim Dunwoody which momentarilly brought it to 3-2, but the home side then stepped it up a notch and while it was Michal Blazovsky who was key in the first game, his elder brother Martin was the play-maker in the 2nd game and he scored the goal of the game as he lofted it over the advancing keeper to see it drop into the empty net. KPH Raca's goal-getter scored his 5th of the day adding to yesterday's double as KPH Raca cruised to victory. KPH Raca won 6-2.

Massive thanks to Roddy Allen and Pete Nichols for organising Monkstown HC along with Martin Mytny and the boys at KPR Raca. Overall a superb weekend of hockey and the hospitality shown to us by the home side was flawless. Here's looking forward to 2017 when we would like to return the favour to KPH Raca when they visit Dublin!

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