19th March 2016

Dublin Dodgeball Tournament

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Dublin Dodgeball 2016

There are some major differences between the new 5-ball tournament compared to the original 3-ball tournament. Obviously two more balls come into play but what makes the 5-ball game so intense is the neutral zone - you can advance a little further towards your opponents and granted you may have that killer shot to take down your target, but once you have let loose, you are then a lot closer to your enemy than you would normally be and therefore even more vulnerable for the lethal counter-attack.

Group 1Group 2
A ~ Mighty Dublin Blue BallsE ~ Queen Bees
B ~ Queen's CorgisF ~ In the Mix
C ~ Toll DodgersG ~ Mighty Dublin Yellows
D ~ Queen's AcesH ~ The Lunatics

Rivalries were renewed once again between the dodgeball clubs based in Dublin, Belfast and Waterford, however, Belfast's other club Kapow (the reigning three times champions) did not enter a team into the event this year. With question marks about the future of the club being raised, we hope the side returns to challenge for the title another year.

With Kapow absent, all teams had their eyes on glory and it was only a matter of time until a new champion was crowned. In Group 1, Mighty Dublin Blue Balls and Queen's Aces both won their opening two matches against Toll Dodgers and Queen's Corgis ensuring that both sides would continue through to the Cup Semis; the result between the two sides was a close affair and only one set separated the two sides as Queen's Aces edged out the Dublin side.

In Group 2, it was a much tighter affair with In The Mix finishing off undefeated at the top of the group though The Lunatics were equal to them drawing 4-4. Although the Mighty Dublin Yellows were unable to win a game, they pulled off an impressive 3-3 draw with Queen Bees. In the final game of the group, Queen Bees beat the Lunatics 5-4 but it was not enough as The Lunatics progressed into the Cup Semis thanks to more sets won!

While league tables and knock-out fixtures were compiled, everyone joined in for the Last Man Standing competition. 12 balls were lined up and the madness commenced... after about 15 minutes players were eliminated from either side in this free-for-all and slowly but surely only a few remained until there was only one... Miroslav Surbt remained undefeated and was raised aloft after his victory! Imelda Leahy was the last woman standing making it to the last 8.

In the plate semis, the Toll Dodgers were no match for the Queen Bees and were knocked out of the competition 9-0. The Queen's Corgis put up more of a battle against the Mighty Dublin Yellows but ultimately lost 6-3. This meant that the two finalists in the Plate final continued where they left off in the group game; a 3-3 draw which had it been a knock-out round, the Mighty Dublin Yellows would have won on sets won (12-6). Amazingly, the teams could not be split again and the match ended 4-4 with the final hooter going a moment before Grace Doyle was eliminated; had she been eliminated a second before, the Queen Bees would have won 4.5 - 3.5. So, again we had to check the score card to see who had won more sets and this time it was Queen Bees with a marginal victory!

The two sides knocked out of the plate semis competed in the Shield Final and again it was similar to the group game with the same number of sets completed. The Queen's Corgis picked up a second trophy to take back with them as they beat the Toll Dodgers 7-1.

The Queen's Aces held nothing back as they looked to make up for missed opportunities in previous years and comfortably won their semi against the Lunatics 9-2 booking another berth in the final for a third year in succession! In the other semi, both teams played out an amazing match which could have gone either way. On the hooter, the game was level on 3.5 games each and it was eventually determined that Mighty Dublin Blue Balls had done enough to progress to their first final after scoring more sets 18-15! In The Mix did enough to fend off The Lunatics winning the 3rd place match 5-4; the two sides had drawn their earlier group meeting 4-4 and had it been a knock-out fixture, the Lunatics would have progressed 17-15!

Queen's Aces had narrowly beaten Mighty Dublin Blue Balls in the group match and the Dublin side definitely sought revenge in the final and at one point led the game 2-1. However, Queen's Aces restored their lead with the next 3 sets leading 4-2. However, Dublin added another late on to make it 4-3 and a thrilling end to the final but sadly the Blues ran out of time with the hooter going and the Aces with the advantage on court to finally make it 5-3.

Spot prizes were handed out to Shannen Smyth and Stephen Campbell from Queen's Aces and David Delaney from the Lunatics. The Player of the Tournament was announced as Tatiana Aragao for her excellent efforts.

Many thanks to partners Dublin Dodgeball Club and in particular Stephen Fletcher and Garvan McEvoy. Lastly, we would like to wish all players involved in the upcoming World Cup the very best of luck!

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