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Dublin Dodgeball 2013

Our first dodgeball tournament was a pleasant success! With 5 local teams, 3 of whom were new to the sport, the tournament also welcomed travelling teams from Belfast and Waterford. We really hope the teams enjoyed the event and will be back for more the next time this competition comes around.

After a brief run through the rules thanks to the tournament's technical director Stephen Fletcher, the teams were set for an exciting few hours where they would certainly test their skills of the 5 Ds of Dodgeball; Dodge, Duck, Dip, Dive and Dodge!

As with any game of dodgeball, when you're watching, the 2 minute rounds flew by. But for the players involved, each 2 minutes seemed to last a lot longer! As one side teamed up on another, balls would be launched from one side and players could be seen diving for cover. If you took you eye off the ball, without doubt you'd soon be picked off with a cross-court shot to the body or leg.

The Wrecking Balls found the going tough in the group stage but faced fierce competition from seasoned dodgeball teams and despite the tough finishing scorelines, were loving the challenge. Carpe Dodge did just enough to snatch all the points against Queens winning 3 rounds to 2, but the score was close at 11-10 and a catch here or there would have swung it. The keenly awaited match between the two Dublin dodgeball teams saw a very even match with the lead swinging from one side to the next; Carpe Dodge came out on top over Dodgesaurus winning 13-11 and in turn clinching the top spot in group 1.

Group 2 was decided between Wtf (White Token Folks) China and Waterford Dodgeball - the former cruised into a 2 round lead before Waterford came back in the third; but Wtf stepped it up in the fourth round to finish group winners. In the battle for third spot, Dodgebawbags lead the game by 5 points to 1 going into the final two rounds, but a superb effort from E&B saw them pick up the last 2 rounds and win on points 13-12.

Plate semi 1 saw Dodgebawbags pick up the first round only to see their opponents step up the tempo and claim the remaining rounds to book their slot in the Plate final. Plate semi 2 saw Egg and Beans play-off against The Wrecking Balls; both teams coming from the same group of mates. Egg and Beans had already claimed their first scalp and with the first round being shared at 4-4, the Wrecking Balls made their move - they proceeded to take the next two rounds quite comfortably before the opposition responded to make it 5-3. However, another rally saw the Wreckers clinch the next 2 rounds to book their spot in search of a trophy for their efforts. It wasn't to be however in the Plate final, as the Dodgesaurus side used all their experience to destroy any hope the Wrecking Balls had of putting up a fight as the Rexes won the first four rounds. Congratulations to Dodgesaurus on winning the Plate.

Carpe Dodge came up against Waterford in the semis of the Cup and were cruising 4-0 after the opening 2 rounds. However, Waterford came back to pick up the next 2 rounds to level and then crushed Carpe's dreams as they went on to win the next 2 rounds as well - Waterford lost the final round, but they had already secured the final berth winning 6-8. In the other cup semi, both Belfast teams played each other. Wtf China snatched 4 of the first 5 rounds and had done enough before losing the final two rounds to make the score 9-5.

Unlike in previous rounds where matches had been played alongside each other, the 3rd place match was played and the final was to follow. Everyone watched the thrilling 3rd place match unfold between Queens and Carpe Dodge; Queens won the first round and Carpe Dodge followed suit to win the 2nd. It continued in this fashion and in round 5 Queens took a strong hold in the contest as they picked up the 5th round winning by 1 more player. Carpe Dodge threw everything into it but ended up losing round 6 and the match. To their credit, they picked up the last round to lose 8-6. Congratulations to Queens on 3rd place!

The final saw a rematch between Waterford and Wtf China, however, this meeting was a lot tighter. Wtf claimed the first only to be pegged back in the following round. It was to be a similar fate for Waterford as it was for Carpe Dodge and it was in the all important 6th round that they fell losing their fourth round and although they won round 7, Wtf China were already celebrating. Congratulations to both finalists and to Wtf China on winning the cup!

Spot prizes were given out to Sarah Keady of team Egg and Beans for eliminating Wtf China's captain with a sublime counter-attack, Ashling Deasy of The Wrecking Balls for cruelly being eliminated with a head-shot and Jean Dooley for her performance in the last-man-standing competition, or last-person-standing as was suggested. The two finalists in the last man standing competition also picked up some prizes - both of these players were from the Queens team.

A tremendous amount of respect and sportsmanship was shown during the day and it was a delight to be a part of the event. A very nice moment at the awards ceremony was when the medals were being awarded and Queens captain Isaiah Neve was called up to hand out the awards - he very honourably gave his medal to the 13th man in his team. When Wtf China were presented with their medals, captain Sun Wong called Isaiah up and he was presented with a winners medal to the delight of everyone watching!

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