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Bratislava 2013

With only 7 teams competing this year, the path to silverware was to be a shorter one than in previous years. Two competitions meant that whether you shone or not in the group, you still had a competition to play for be it the Cup or the Plate.

In Group I, the Academicals, having drawn their opening two matches 0-0, needed to beat tournament favourites Dragons to advance to the the Cup knock-out rounds and it looked like this would be possible as the underdogs raced into an amazing 3 goal lead in under 6 minutes. However, the experience and composure shown by the Dragons was class as they clawed their way back into the match and eventually won 4-3 to win the group. Tournament new boys The Flying Penguins went through in 2nd place as they not only managed to draw with the Dragons, they also managed to beat PSE-MCS 2-0.

In Group II, it was a different story, with only 3 teams it meant that there was a lot less pressure to get the points required to qualify for the Cup knock-out rounds. The Sunday Wolves began as they meant to continue with a crushing 6-0 win over Man Chest Hair United who had been assembled last minute to cover for a team that pulled out of the tournament days before the start. Man Chest Hair United needed to beat FC Festglas but last year's Runners-up were too strong and won 3-1.

Due to the uneven number of teams, Academicals had a bye in the Plate Semis and watched as PSE-MCS thrashed Man Chest Hair United 5-1. By the time PSE-MCS met the Academicals in the final, the latter were well rested and made amends for the 0-0 group game draw by putting away 4 goals to 1 claiming the Plate. There was a fun friendly post- tournament match between Man Chest Hair United and the Academicals which ended 3-2 to the latter.

The Cup semis saw the favourites go through to the final. The Dragons completed a 3-0 win against FC Festglas while the Sunday Wolves beat the Flying Penguins 5-3. The 3rd place match was a very tight affair and neither normal time nor extra-time could seperate the teams - so it was settled by penalties. The Flying Penguins took the honours with a 2-1 win. The final was a great game between two very good sides; Oliver Chaduteau and Antonio Moralez were both on target for the Sunday Wolves as they claimed the title 2-0 at their first attempt.

The Tournament's Top Goalscorer was Oliver Moralez from Sunday Wolves on 7 goals. The best goal keeper award was given to Jan Ferencik also from Sunday Wolves. The tournament's Player of the Tournament is always a tricky one to award and the three nominees were Dave Keys from the Academicals, Oliver Chaduteau from the Sunday Wolves and Eduardo Duran from the Dragons. The winner was Eduardo Duran!

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