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Bratislava 2012

Bad weather threatened to spoil the proceedings of the third annual Bratislava tournament at Mlada Garda, but the morning was set in excellent sunshine and it was only later in the afternoon that the skies turned grey and the wind began to blow.

This tournament was one for the new teams to shine and the old boys of times gone by to perhaps consider either hanging up their boots or invest in new younger talent to bolster their squads. Despite one team pulling out due to a lack of players, a record 69 goals were scored in only 23 matches with the highest scoring game coming in the semi final between Arab Union and new boys Festglas FC - the latter winning 6-1.

Old foes Prezidentka (Old Akkies) and the recently dispanded Akkies were paired up again in the 7th/8th play-off like last year. With Prezidentka winning in 2011, hopes were high on another win this time around. However, the Akkies had other ideas and steamrolled they way to lead 2-0. Prezidentka came back with a well worked goal by Tom Ford and an effort which rebounded off the post was the closest Prezidentka got to getting back into the game as time ticked on. The Akkies held on for a narrow 2-1 victory.

The third placed play-off was keenly contested and finished 3-3 between last year's champions Dragons (formerly Latinos) and Arab Union. The game went to a penalty shoot-out and the Dragons were denied when their 2nd penalty hit the bar and the Arab Union won 3-1.

The final saw a rematch of the group game between Football For Equality and Festglas FC, the former having won 1-0. This game saw a lot more goals but the result was the same and Football For Equality ran out winners 4-2.

The Tournament's Top Goalscorer was Clebar from Arab Union on 10 goals who was closely followed by Player of the Tournament Mario Daniher from Football For Equality on 9 goals. The best goal keeper award was given to Rene Skacel from Football For Equality.

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