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Bratislava 2011

After all the commotion leading up to the event, what with venue issues and teams dropping out last minute, the 2011 Bratislava event was an amazing success and passed without incident or injury. With glorious sunshine for another year, this tournament certainly set the standard for 2011.

Many thanks to our partners at who helped organise the day and our sponsors Kaufland who very generously donated sandwiches and drinks for the players.

Teams were keen to get off to good starts and six goals were seen in the opening two matches, Class winning 3-0 against the reigning champions African Warriors while the Latinos beat debutants Smiths Athletic AAFC from England 2-1.

The Latinos smashed in 5 past ASL Luxembourg-Porto while the Arab Union got the highest score-line hammering seven past the African Warriors.

The Latinos finished 1st in Group I while 2 FC Tryskac won Group II which meant both sides could have a rest as they had qualified straight through to the semis. 2nd in Group I (PSE MCS) played 3rd in Group II (Arab Union) while 2nd in Group II (Angolese) played 3rd in Group I (Smiths Athletic AAFC) for the final 2 semi places.

Both 2nd placed teams went out in the play-off matches, Angolese losing 0-4 and PSE MCS having drawn their match 0-0 went out on penalties 0-1. So, Smiths went through to meet Latinos again while Arab Union went through to play 2 FC Tryskac.

Classification matches were held inbetween the play-off matches and the semis. ASL Luxembourg- Porto should have played the African Warriors for 9th/10th postions but the latter went AWOL. ASL were awarded a 3-0 win and finished 9th. A friendly was played against PSE MCS, which they ended up losing to the narrowest of margins; 0-1. In a repeat of last year's 3rd place play-off, Class (Prezidentka from 2010) played The Daily (Akkies) in the 7th/8th place classification match. Once again, Class came through and, this time, won comfortably 2-0 in normal time.

Semis! As in their opening group encounter, Latinos once again beat Smiths Athletic AAFC, this time winning 1-0. In the other semi, Arab Union reversed the group result against 2 FC Tryskac where they lost 2-0 and were clearly hungrier for the final winning 5-0.

Smiths Athletic looked tired and deflated but picked themselves up for the 3rd place match. Being present was not enough though as 2 FC Tryskac grasped the prize of 3rd winning 2-0. In the final, Latinos played out a 0-0 draw against the Arab Union. With all the matches over, a crowd gathered round for the penalty shoot-out. The Latinos kept their nerve well with superbly placed penalties to win 2-0 as the Arab Union had their penalties saved and balloon over.

Many thanks to all captains for organising their teams. Well done to Jan Lapos from 2 FC Tryskac who received Player of the Tournament. Congratulations also go to Tournament Top Goal Scorer with 8 goals; Tunis from Arab Union, and the Tournament's Best Keeper; Jozo Novak from PSE MCS, who kept clean sheet throughout their matches and was only eventually beaten through the penalty shoot-out.

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