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Bratislava 2010

Only days before the EURO 2012 4th qualifying match between Slovakia and the Republic of Ireland in Zilina, we hosted a tournament in Mlada Garda, Bratislava.

8 teams eventually registered and were split between two groups. Issues arose with teams not turning up on time and therefore the tournament was delayed. In hindsight, we should have awarded the matches to those teams present rather than rejigging everything. Due to delays, the quarter finals were not played and the top two from each group progressed to the semi finals. 2 FC Tryskac were beaten in their final group game which meant they finished 3rd in the group and were eliminated. PSE MCS who were the only team to beat the African Warriors also finished 3rd in their group and were forced to retire early.

Prezidentka were unable to break down the African Warriors in the first semi and lost by the odd goal. While the Akkies Faithful were thrashed 5-1 by Cenkovce in the other semi.

This set up rematches between Prezidentka and the Akkies Faithful to contest the 3rd place play-off final. Prezidentka and the Akkies Faithful once again drew and it was penalties to decide the match. Prezidentka's David Keys was the hero as he stopped well to deny the Akkies as Prezidentka won 1-0. Coincidentally, Dave Keys was named goalkeeper of the tournament.

The final was played between Cenkovce and the African Warriors and just like in the group game, the Africans won through 2-0. Martin Rostas from Cenkovce was the tournament's top goal scorer finishing on 5 goals.

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