9th June 2018

Avoca Mixed 7s Hockey Tournament

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Hall of Fame

Cup winners and medal winners for all tournaments:

Winners Runners-up 3rd Place Winners
2018 Class on A.G. Bomb Squad Bray HC
2017 Bomb Squad Newpark Bees Ear Lingus
2016 PJC Brennans and Friends Dab Squad
2015 S Club 7 Black Ninjas Team Shenanigans
2014 St. Andrews The Commune Flick Tease
2013 The Panthers Glenageary Utd Wolverines
2012 Hook Hackers The Stragglers The Panthers

Other Trophy Winners:

Plate Winners Shield Winners Trophy Winners
2018 Chazawazzas Newpark Bees The Stragglers
2017 n/a n/a n/a
2016 Bomb Squad C.B.A.S.H.C. The Panthers
2015 The Stragglers P.O.W.S.L.D. Team T.I.T.S.
2014 Sparta.my P.O.W.S.L.D. Whites
2013 69ers The Stragglers n/a
2012 Railblazers Pink Ladies Jammie Dodgers

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