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Lisbon 2014

The ASL-Porto team returned from an amazing weekend in Lisbon / Torres Vedras on 2nd June and would like to thank their hosts at Varatojo T. Vedras. Some excellent memories from the weekend both on and off the pitch and a return match would be most welcome!

Playing indoors certainly made it easier rather than in the sweltering heat outside. The hosts took on the ASL-Porto A team initially and soon found themselves 2-0 down with Domenico and Sylvain opening the scoring. However, good pressure from Varatojo soon broke down the defence and scored past the impressive Frank Kintzinger in goal and in the end they managed to go ahead and win the opener by the odd goal.

ASL-Porto B must have felt they could capitalise against Varatojo in the next group game, but defensive errors left Kintzinger exposed and Varatojo made no mistake going ahead to lead 3-0. Despite a consolation goal by Ally Robinson, Varatojo went on to win comfortably 6-1.

The two ASL sides then met and Kintzinger stayed with the B side while Fred Humbel went in goal for the A team. This meant the Mich Dias transferred over to the A team and it was bad news for the Bs as he ended up scored! Damien SauvÍtre added another and then a mazy dribble by Scotsman Fraser Baillie made it 3. It would have been a much closer match but for the brilliance of Humbel in goal who denied the Bs on countless attempts.

So the final was a rematch of the opening encounter, however this time Fred stayed in goal and the As kept Mich! Varatojo went 2 goals ahead and seemed to be cruising but then Mich scored twice to level much to the joy of the ASL Bs who were in the stands doing Mexican waves! It was all set for an amazing come-back only for Varatojo to score again and settle it late on to win 4-2; to the disappointment of the Bs who could be seen leaving the stadium well before the final whistle...

The lads will be on tour again next year with Barcelona the proposed destination...

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