Please make sure your team is adequately covered for any injury you may receive from an accident while participating at one of our events. Tournament Heaven (TH) recommends that every player has their own Personal Accident Cover, which you can purchase from your local financial adviser or insurance broker.

Personal Property

TH takes no responsibility for, and hereby, excludes liability to the fullest extent permitted by law, for any personal injury or loss or damage to any personal property sustained while playing TH soccer or while present at any TH venue.

Health Checkup

TH recommends that all players, who have health-related concerns about taking part in a TH Event, visit their local GP for a health checkup before participating in the Event.

Travel Insurance

Furthermore, if you are travelling from another country, we strongly advise teams to obtain travel insurance prior to departure.

Registration Form

Upon arrival at the venue, teams are requested to sign the registration form available at the registration desk before the tournament commences.

Tournament Heaven Disclaimer

TH would like to point out that it is the responsibility of each player to ensure that he/she is adequately insured. In the event that he/she sustains an injury while participating in one of TH Events. TH takes no responsibility for injuries and players are participating at their own risk.

Third Party Organisations

All players use the services of third party organisations at TH Events at their own risk.

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