First Aid

All venues have a basic First Aid Kit, which will be held by the Venue Manager. The kit will contain basic first aid equipment that can be used quickly and easily to treat any cuts and bruises received by a player. Ice may also be available either from ice packs in the First Aid Kit or from the venue reception. Please note that the First Aid Kit is primarily for minor cuts and bruises and does not contain more advanced medical treatments. We recommend that each player bring a supply of items, such as blister pads, Deep Heat spray/rub and strapping for any muscle strains or pulls that may occur while playing.

Accident Report Form

If you get injured, please contact your Venue Manager immediately and report the incident to them. Your Venue Manager will fill out the Accident Report Form. If you do not report the accident to your Venue Manager, we will not have a record of it and you may not be able to claim from your insurance.

Serious Injury

If a player requires more then the available first aid, the VM can call an ambulance or taxi to take the injured player to hospital, if requested by the injured party or their team mates. The Venue Manager cannot leave the venue during the Event to accompany injured players to hospital etc. If a player has a serious injury and requires more than basic first aid, it is the responsibility of the team captain (or another designated person) to accompany the injured player to hospital. While each Venue Manager will have basic First Aid training, they are not medically trained. Their role is to manage the venue and care for the general well being of all players.

Injury Prevention

Please make sure that you and all members of your team warm up before and cool down after each match you play. As with any sport, injuries can occur and the risk of accidents/injuries can be minimized by doing the a warm up and cool down.

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