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Tournament HeavenTournament Heaven has been organising tournaments since 1998 and we are incredibly passionate about event management. We believe in organising excellent events at nominal prices. We're not in this to make money, we're in it to make it happen.

We love the buzz that surrounds a tournament; the initial anticipation and excitement before a tournament begins. Then comes the action and the thrill of competing, the awards ceremony follow and the party afterwards concludes. All combine perfectly to make a very special and memorable time together with your buddies.

Having arranged a number of tournaments, both at home and on the Continent, we are fully aware of the necessity of a well-run tournament. In today's climate, we appreciate money is tight so we do our best to get sponsors on board so your coin goes that little further.

Event Co-ordinator

Al Robinson

Al Robinson is head of tournament management and is responsible for the smooth running of each tournament. He is your contact point for players and officials. Al can be contacted on +353 (0)86 3759116 or online below.

Tournament Fun

The best thing about our tournaments is that you've got it all jam-packed into 1 day. The build-up, the buzz of games in progress, respect and sportsmanship for your team-mates and opponents alike, the disappointment of losing but then the euphoria of victory!

Competition always raises the heat, but we must stress that under no circumstances shall we tolerate foul behaviour or misconduct. The day is a fun day and should be remembered for all of the right reasons.


Tournament Heaven contract experienced qualified referees. We have a strict zero- tolerance policy and deal quite severly with any issues arising from misconduct. If you are interested in being a referee at one of our events, please contact us for further details.

Foreign Soil

There is nothing more special than going abroad with your team to take on other nationalities on foreign soil. It's actually ideal for a pre-season warm up, a team-building session or even an end of season celebration. Whatever the reason, you'll have a rewarding experience.

Have a look at the tournament page to see what's planned!

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